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Uniform Orders are Open!

Hello Team Lakers!

We're pleased to announce that the uniform store is now open!  

  • All orders must be in by Tuesday 27th February.

  • The uniforms are all made to order to prevent wastage.

  • Orders will be delivered direct to you approx 4 weeks from when orders close.  This removes the need for our volunteer Exec to be storing uniforms at their house and organising pick-ups. If you wish to save on delivery fees you can coordinate orders within your own team and organise distribution amongst yourselves.  

  • We will have samples at Grading Day on Saturday 17th February, so you can have a look and try on before proceeding with your order if you wish.

Important to note:

  • The new uniforms are NOT compulsory.  If you already have a uniform that fits, you may continue to wear it until it doesn't.

  • Choices are individual, so a team can have a mix of old/new styles and dresses, shorts and singlets. Players do not all have to have the same uniform pieces.

  • The singlet is called a "training" singlet but can definitely be worn on game day with the shorts.

  • We are no longer producing club compression pants.  Any plain black bike shorts may be worn. 

We look forward to seeing our players hit the courts for our first game on Saturday 6th April.



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